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Night of the Blaxican
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Updated Sep 2022
Night of the Blaxican was a crew of kids from South LA. Started small. Used to basically be low budget, ghetto, backyard parties with a bunch of cholos, gangsters, and their ladies dancing to old music on vinyl. I loved it. I was out of place but I didn't care. My connection was though a photographer friend based out of East LA. He was in the outer circle of the crew. That night Sabrina and I decided to go to one of the parties down in Watts. We invited her dad, and of course, the whole night he was getting down harder than any of us.  It was so dark that we needed the people around us to light the picture with their cell phones. It was the only photo I ever took of her and her father.  He passed away of cancer in August of 2021.

Alessandra M Lopez

Alessandra M. Lopez is a documentary, portrait, and fine art photographer based out of Los Angeles, Ca.
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